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  • How is the effect of the tea color sorting machine2022-03-21

    METKEY is a reliable supplier of tea color sorter. We have always been worked with Most tea gardens and tea processing plants in Southeast Asia for over 5 years. Till now, we do not have any complaints from our customers.

  • Do you know the 5 HOT AND COLD FACTS ABOUT TEA2022-03-21

    Tea color sorter is a technical machine helps to identify the defects of tea leaves according to size, shape, and color. It helps to diagnose all defects from the tea flakes with high-resolution CCD cameras.

  • Affordable Mini Color Sorter to Help Your Business Line2022-02-24

    Mini Color Sorter is a hi-tech machines used to remove impurities and defects using color differentiation. It is also used to separate materials and objects of different types and qualities based on color.

  • Intelligent Coffee Bean Color Sorter For Improving Coffee Quality2022-02-21

    Intelligent color CCD coffee bean color sorter can save labor, time, efficiency and processing cost. True color, the latest bean picker in the coffee industry!

  • Metkey Mini Color Sorter is Becoming More and More Popular2022-02-21

    Wuxi Tuanjiuhe Technology Co., Ltd. has launched a Mini Color Sorter , which has achieved good color sorting results, and successfully exported to more than 30 countries, creating more profits for customers.

  • Corn Color Sorter Will Solve Your Headache Sorting Problems2022-02-18

    METKEY Corn color sorter use CCD optical imaging of grain of corn with mildew and black corn and corn stalk of grass and other impurities removed, after a color selection of maize quality assurance.


    Color Sorter also named color sorting machine or optical sorting machine, it is according to the color differences of solid materials, using high-resolution CCD optical sensor to drive solenoid valve to sorting different solid materials.

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