Plastic Infrared Sorting Machine In Turkey 2018

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Plastic Infrared Sorting Machine In Turkey 2018

“ We ever always used European Optical Sorters for plastic recycling. Plastic Flakes must be separated for second uses, and that is really complex processing. So did not make any decision in a year even thought we knew their price was only first three of ours.

During that time, we sent the samples and they did the tests, and again and again, many times, and then finally we visited METKEY Color Sorter Factory in 2018 and decided to work with them. ” --Nina Björk Gudmundsson

METKEY Plastic Infrared Sorting Machine Technical Characteristics

1. High-end infrared sorting technology

Using an imported infrared camera, penetrate deep into the material and test the internal composition.

2. Intelligent module design

Continuously ensure efficient and stable operation of the equipment.

3. High-speed processing system

Easy and high output, fast return on investment.

4. Small difference recognition

Improve the purity of finished products and create greater value.

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