Belt Type Small Particle Ore Color Sorter in Australia 2017

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Belt Type Small Particle Ore Color Sorter in Australia 2017

Small Particle Ore Color Sorter for small size stone

—We do it faster, more stable and higher.


1. Solve the problem of sorting under the harsh environment of dry ores such as high dust, high pollution and high corrosion.

2. Wide selection range, suitable for ore particles ranging in size from 3-30 mm.

Belt Type Small Particle Ore Color Sorter for small size stone Technical advantages:

1. Image acquisition system

Using ultra-high full-color industrial special lens, higher resolution, small distortion, and deep recognition of small and fine impurities that cannot be selected by ordinary color sorters.

2. Image processing system

High-end full-color line scanning technology, DSP+FPGA cutting-edge processing technology, a combination of color and shape, a variety of complex algorithms, provide "color selection + shape selection" solutions for different ore particle sizes.

3. The optical system

Low stray light imaging optical path system, which can identify low light differences, original wide viewing angle technology, new LED optical system, according to changes in the ore sorting material environment, automatically adjust the light source to achieve the sorting function.

4. Special feeding and conveying system for ore

According to the characteristics of large, small, dry and wet ore particles, the crawler and vertical conveying methods are adopted to ensure uniform feeding and conveying; the design of easy-to-replace wear-resistant parts is more suitable for harsh industrial and mining environments.

5. Clean the dust removal system

An automatic dust removal system device is added to realize all-round dust removal and protection. It can be built according to the output of special mines to ensure the stability of the sorting effect.

6. Custom sorting structure

The crawler type and vertical structure are adopted to meet the requirements of different particle sizes, reduce repeated crushing, and improve economic benefits.

Belt Type Small Particle Ore Color Sorter Parameter



Adaptation range (mesh)










Air consumption(L/min)






Remarks: The above parameters and indicators will vary due to different materials or impurities, and the actual measurement of the machine shall prevail.

Application scope:

Non-metallic minerals: potash feldspar, quartzite, talc, phosphorite, calcite, dolomite, andalusite, fluorite, vermiculite, mica, bentonite, kaolin, barite, feldspar, quartz, calcium carbonate, cobblestone, Cryolite, garnet, limestone, manganese ore, etc.

Black ore: monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon

Non-ferrous ores: copper, antimony, mercury, lead, zinc, tin, nickel, magnesium, cobalt, aluminum, bismuth, silica.

Precious metals: gold, silver, zirconium, tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum and niobium.

Belt Type Small Particle Ore Color Sorter Case

We have cooperated so many times with METKEY Color Sorterand the Belt Type Small Particle Ore Color Sorter runs steadily.We are satisfied with color sorting results .It has simple operation interface The operation interface is multilingual,which operated easily.Timely after-sales service system is our guarantee of quality.

When the Belt Type Small Particle Ore Color Sorter arrived our factory,and they engineers arrived,too.They gave us free installation and debugging machine.The after-sales service is so good.

From :Mark Zoske/CEO

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