How is the effect of the tea color sorting machine

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China is a big tea culture country with a huge tea market, and tea is often used as a high-end product for gifts and entertainment. However, the price of tea varies widely, from tens of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. The main reason for this huge difference is the quality of tea. It has a certain relationship with the tea color sorting machine. Many tea merchants should have heard of it, but not necessarily used it. How is the effect of the tea color sorter? is it useful? Can it really improve the quality of tea?

Tea China color sorter machine is a smart sorting device that intelligently recognizes the color difference of tea by eliminating the impurities in tea by photoelectric detection technology. Applicable to Dahongpao, Tieguanyin, Oolong tea, Maojian, Pu'er and other teas, can be selected according to the needs of different colors of tea, such as diseased leaves, yellow leaves, leaf stems and so on. Some people say, "I have always used manual selection, and the effect can be ok! Why use the color sorter in one fell swoop?", there is no harm without comparison, how is the effect of tea color sorting machine? How is it compared to manual?

1, high precision. The accuracy of the tea color sorter reaches 99.99%, which is not interfered by external factors and is more powerful than the human eye. The tea screen is taken by a high-definition camera, and through the precise calculation and processing of the system, various heterochromatic impurities can be accurately removed.

2, high efficiency. The working efficiency of a tea color sorting machine is 10,000 times that of manual hand selection, which greatly speeds up the production progress of the manufacturer. And the tea color sorting machine can work continuously for a long time without getting tired.

3. Low cost. There is no additional cost for the tea color sorting machine. Manual screening requires a lot of labor and management costs, and it is continuously consumed.

4, low difficulty. Manual screening mainly relies on the subjective judgment of workers, and it has certain cognitive difficulty. It also requires certain pre-job training and experience. The tea color sorting machine uses the system intelligence to distinguish, easy to learn and easy to use.

How is the effect of the tea color sorting machine? is it useful? I believe you have a certain answer. The replacement of labor by machines is a trend of development. The tea color sorting machine is more scientific and professional than the manual hand selection, and the effect is better. If you have not used the tea color sorter, the Wuxi Tuanjiuhe Technology Co., Ltd. tea color sorting machine is recommended, and the color selection effect is leading in the industry.

METKEY tea color sorting machine, also known as tea sorting machine and tea cleaning machine. It will be your best tea sorting and grading solution if you need to process mass tea leaves. Whether it is regular black tea and green tea, or other valuable tea varieties like Longjing, Biluochun, Maofeng, Pu’er Tea, etc, all these types of tea leaves need to be separated in the process of making tea.
In addition to being able to remove impurities, METKEY tea color sorting machine avoids the problem of manual damage caused by blade breakage. What’s more, it can sort out the fine tea leaves and grade them according to their Color Difference.

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