Affordable Mini Color Sorter to Help Your Business Line

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Mini Color Sorter is a hi-tech machines used to remove impurities and defects using color differentiation. It is also used to separate materials and objects of different types and qualities based on color.

Mini Color Sorter is the ideal machine for sorting materials for high quality and is also ideal for small farms, plots, and small processing plants.

It is also ideal for shop owners, sellers of grains, plastics, and minerals, who want to have a serviceable and available mini sorter at their disposal. Mini sorter machines are easy to use and have become more popular worldwide.

Your Ideal Mini Color Sorter& Shape Sorter Line

METKEY MINI color sorter is specially designed for small farms , cafes, labs and small rice mill as well as small grain mill factories. It can helps you to improve efficiency , save cost and increase your profit.

Affordable Mini Color Sorter to Help Your Business Line

Whether you are small farm owner, coffee shop owner, lab member, or home user. As long as you have the need for color sorting, and don’t want a big capability color sorter which costs much more budget and big place to put . A mini color sorter will be the right choice for you . It is low cost , small footprint, small output and easy to operate. A mini color sorter with 32 channel that gives only half of the capacity of the one chute machine , but with 99.99% sorting accuracy and high efficiency . It is a great helper for your business.

Mini Color Sorter Advantage

METKEY mini color sorter is designed for users with small capacity need. It can do color sorting and shape sorting at the same time , to separate items by color and size simultaneously.

  • Pre-stored sorting modes, easy to operate.
  • Well-assembled . No need installation and debugging .
  • TWO-YEAR long time quality warranty .
  • Customization service available.
  • 5-Day Quick Delivery .
  • One set to Start.

Mini Color Sorter Applications

METKEY mini sorter is the smallest RGB color sorter we offer. It is the intelligent multi-purpose color sorting machine that can be used widely for many different items, like rice , beans, pulses, grains etc.




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Food Industry

METKEY mini color sorter can be used to sort rice, multi grains, beans, pulses . Whether your raw material is black rice , parboiled rice, brown rice, wheat , peanut or tomato seeds. It can be sorted to achieve a 99.99% clean by the mini color sorter.

Cafe Owner

If you are running a cafe. Congratulations ! METKEY Mini Color Sorter will be your secret weapon to increase at least 30% profit. More and more coffee shop owners are using the mini sorter to process coffee beans rather than buy the finished beans from market. This is a smart way to drop down your cost as well as improve your margin.

Industrial Use

In the industrial field, the mini color sorter is also widely used. It can be used to color sort plastic chips, plastic granules,separate copper and aluminum by color , etc. It can also be used to separate pearls.

Lab Study

There is no need to purchase a big color sorter if you are only testing and analyzing the quality of seeds. A mini color sorter is perfectly suited to your needs. The machine can gives a capacity from 50-100kg per hour for seeds sorting.

How Mini Color Sorter Benefits You?

Enhanced Productivity

When the mini color sorter replace manual labor, you can free yourself to enjoy more time with family . No more labor costs, no more headaches with workers taking time off. A machine working for one hour is equal to four labor work for 10 hours.

Improved Food Safety

No more moldy rice, no impurities, no off-color particles. You will get a higher return from your rice. After color sorting , the grains are free from pests and diseases and healthier for humans.

Reduced Production costs

The latest generation of METKEY mini color sorter helps you get rid of outdated processing methods, improve your core competences and set you apart from your competitors.

Agents Welcome

Retail the mini color sorter machine is a good business with handsome profits. We are looking for international agents for our mini sorter machine . If you are interested in selling this machine in your country ,please feel free to contact us for details. Both commission-based agents and authorized agents are welcome . You will get unparalleled support and benefits .

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