Intelligent Coffee Bean Color Sorter For Improving Coffee Quality

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Coffee beans are plant fruits used to make coffee. After the coffee fruit is picked, it should be dried to remove the outer skin, pulp, fruit peel and silver skin before roasting. Coffee beans are mixed with dead beans, black beans and differently colored beans. These impurities will affect the quality and taste of good coffee beans. Therefore, the hulled coffee beans also need to be sorted by a color sorter to remove impurities.

At a time when mass consumption tends to be of quality and enjoyment, traditional instant coffee has been unable to meet the consumption needs of most people in terms of product form alone, not to mention its quality is also difficult to match the current freshly ground coffee and creative coffee. Equally on a par. For the specialty coffee market, which is now rapidly gaining popularity, sorting high-quality coffee beans from the source with a coffee bean color sorter is undoubtedly the key to firmly controlling the quality of coffee under the new consumption.

Coffee color sorter is machinery based on CCD optical sensor used for sorting Arabica coffee beans and Robusta coffee beans. The most interesting thing in coffee beans sorter it has monochromatic and bi-chromatic both options to detect different colors and remove for the fine quality.

METKEY Intelligent coffee bean color sorter uses international high-quality industrial custom professional CCD sensors, the industry's only leading high-resolution multi-megapixel high-speed scanning imaging for color selection of coffee beans, which can accurately identify immature beans in coffee beans , Black beans, shelled, hetero-chromatic particles and impurities of different shades, and remove them one by one, leaving excellent coffee beans. The equipment uses a new rust-proof chute, which is non-toxic and harmless, and meets international food safety standards. The professional passage of coffee beans does not block the material and slides smoothly and evenly. The color selection is more accurate and the output is larger.

The coffee beans are sorted to remove impurities such as black beans, immature beans, and hetero-chromatic particles, and the value of good coffee beans doubles immediately. Using intelligent color CCD coffee bean color sorter, compared with traditional manual screening, intelligent color CCD coffee bean color sorter can save labor, time, efficiency and processing cost. True color, the latest bean picker in the coffee industry!

Coffee bean color sorter working principal

Color sorting is a process of analyzing raw material to find defected material. Many Chinese companies these days manufactured different color sorters like coffee bean color sorter, tea color sorter, optical color sorter, rice color sorter, and electronic color sorting machines.

These are highly precised and accurate bean sorting machines which provide 99% pure and high-quality yield and maximum throughput.

The principal of color sorting was developed in the past century but these days’ new updates and configurations introduced.

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