Metkey Mini Color Sorter is Becoming More and More Popular

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There are many agricultural producers all over the world, which also determines that there are many small processing plants. With the prosperity of life, people pay more and more attention to the quality of life, and the requirements for food are becoming more and more strict, and the quality of food has become an important question. The appearance of the color sorter makes the quality of product screening better, and what small processing plants need is a Mini Color Sorter , which has many advantages and is deeply loved by the majority of small processing manufacturers.

Small-scale processing plants produce a small amount of products, while the output of large-scale color sorters far exceeds their needs, resulting in waste. At the same time, the price is higher than that of Mini Color Sorter

Therefore, after in-depth research, Wuxi Tuanjiuhe Technology Co., Ltd. has launched a Mini Color Sorter , which has achieved good color sorting results, and successfully exported to more than 30 countries, creating more profits for customers

Metkey Mini Color Sorter Advantage

1. The output is moderate. The output of the Mini Color Sorter is not very large, about 1t per hour (rice for example), which is exactly in line with the processing volume of most small processing plants.

2.The floor space is small. Due to the small processing output, the general small-scale processing plant is relatively small, and the large-scale color sorter occupies a large area, which is not suitable for small workshops. The small-scale color sorter is small in size and convenient for mobile placement.

3. the transportation is convenient. Different from large color sorters, Mini Color Sorter s are easy to handle, light and convenient, and can be cleaned more conveniently after use, meeting the needs of many manufacturers.

4. the quality of sorting is good. The Mini Color Sorter adopts modern CCD technology and computer-aided control technology. By analyzing the optical performance of the product, it can quickly distinguish the quality from the bad and achieve the effect of optimizing the product.

5. High work efficiency. Different from manual sorting, the productivity of machine sorting exceeds hundreds of manual sorting workers, which can greatly speed up the production progress, increase the production capacity of enterprises, reduce labor intensity and improve the production environment.

6.Cost saving. The Mini Color Sorter has a long service life and can be reused. The replacement of manual work can reduce labor costs and reduce the production cost of enterprises.

7. easy to operate. The computer intelligent control of the Mini Color Sorter , one-piece operation, control system, parameter writing touch screen, etc. are relatively advanced, and the operation is also very simple, and ordinary workers can master it after a short training.

Classify Your Products and Get A Better Price

METKEY Mini Color Sorter is the smallest size color sorting machine. It is efficiently designed to separate materials of a specific color from the raw mixture. For example, it can sort out the fine rice from the rice mixture and reject the broken rice. METKEY Mini Color Sorter has a wide sorting range, including agriculture seeds, plastic flakes, etc. You can use it to sort rice, wheat, beans, coffee, tea, and other grains that their diameter ranges from 1 to 50mm.

METKEY Mini Color Sorter belongs to the chute type, and it only has one chute, so the sorting capacity is limit. It generally can sort 400kgs of rice per hour. The sorting precision is closed to 99.9%, and the carryover rate (bad: good) is above 10:1. You can use it on your farm, food processing plants, and other industrial fields. It can regularly work under voltage from 110 to 380V/ 50Hz.

Sorting Ranges

Rice, Grains, Tea, Nut, Bean, Plastic and other materials


≤ 500


≥ 99.9

CarryOver Rate(Good: Bad)

≥ 10 : 1

Working Voltage(Vac)

110 – 380

Rating Power(KW)




Air Consumption(L/min)

< 1000



Dimension(mm) (L*W*H)


Using METKEY Mini Color Sorter helps you classify your corp seeds in a fast way Right Now!

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